Cupid Control

Cupid Control Peptide:


The Cupid Control Peptide is the cell penetrating peptide without any cargo attached. We have successfully penetrated human fibroblasts, kidney cells, chicken neuronal cells and Amoebae with Cupid Control Peptide labelled with fluorescein.

The Cupid Control Peptide serves as an 'experimental control' for Cupid Products to satisfy the researcher that any effects of Cupid Products is due to the cargo attached and not due to other phenomena e.g. an effect of cell penetration itself.

The Cupid Control peptide is fused to the N-terminus of the various cargos we offer and functions to render them 'Cell Penetrating'.

As well as containing "Cupid", it also contains stretches of other amino acid residues that assist in the production, processing, purification and solubilisation of Cupid Products.

The feature that might be of most help to a researcher is a stretch of Histidine residues. This can serve to detect the peptide in SDS-PAGE gels / Western blots with a suitable anti-His antibody.

This feature might also be used to pull out proteins or other factors after these have bound to the Cupid Product within cells, although this function has not been tested for this purpose by us. We should be glad to hear of any results you achieve in this regard so we might pass the information on to other users.

Cupid Control Peptide:

• Cargo: NONE

Product Characteristics:

• Molecular weight (daltons): 7628

• Isoelectric point (pI): 9.43

• Extinction Coefficient (A280 reduced) : 6990

• Solubility : >200 micromolar

• Purity: 88%

• Cell-Permeation : Passes

• 1 Unit = 10 nanomoles = 0.076 mg