Cell Permeable Peptide

The Cupid Peptide Company is an innovative biotech company which manufactures long-chain, cell penetrating peptides to order for the worldwide biomedical research community.

The Cupid Advantage:

  • Convenient and Easy to use, store and re-use


  • Quick to penetrate and deliver your cargo into the cytosol of your cell system


  • Effective in putting your cargo into Mammalian, Plant and Fungal cells and Germinating Seeds


  • Cost effective saving your Time and Resources

Cupid Peptides has been formed to specifically concentrate the skills and technology required to make long-chain cell penetrating peptides.


We are focused to convert your chosen peptide or protein into a cell-penetrating form using our novel CPP “Cupid”.

Cupid Peptides is committed to providing cell penetrating peptide technology as a versatile tool to compliment the genetic, molecular, biochemical and immunochemical approaches at the cutting edge of research.

Nature paper on Cupid technology :

"Cupid, a cell permeable peptide derived from amoeba, capable of delivering Gfp into a diverse range of species"

Daniel Fenton, Dylan Phillips, Anne Maddison, Christopher H. George, Jonathan Ryves & Huw D. Jones


PDF Download of Supplemental Data https://rb.gy/h9ummu

Movie Link 1 Phase https://youtu.be/tLR47ISgob0

Movie Link 2 Fluorescent https://youtu.be/gvgCI6_wewE

Movie Link 3 Merged https://youtu.be/x2zUEKexk5k