Cell permeating Cupid Nemo-A Peptide

Cupid Nemo A Cell Permeation:


B. Cupid-Nemo-A peptide labelled with fluorescein was subjected to SDS-PAGE and observed with a blue light transilluminator.


M = Weight markers shown in Kd, S = Labelled Cupid-Nemo-A Peptide sample.


C. Labelled peptide was incubated with living cells at 10 micromolar for 60 minutes before



Product Description:


Cupid Nemo A peptide:

• Cargo: Residues 44 to 111 of Human NF-kappa-B essential modulator isoform a (NEMO)

• Domain type: Dimerization

• 68 Amino acids



Product Characteristics:


• Molecular weight (daltons): 15814

• Isoelectric point (pI): 8.21

• Extinction Coefficient (A280 reduced) : 6990

• Solubility : >200 micromolar

• Purity: 88%

• Cell-Permeation : Passes

• 1 Unit = 10 nanomoles = 0.158 mg

Cupid-Nemo-A Peptide Data

Cupid-Nemo-A Peptide Data:


A. Purified Cupid-Nemo-A peptide was subjected to SDS-PAGE alongside a prestained molecular marker ladder. The gel was then stained for protein with a commercial coomassie-based stain.


M = Weight markers shown in kD


S = Cupid Nemo-A Peptide sample


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