The Cupid Peptide Company is an innovative biotech company which manufactures long-chain, cell permeable peptides to order for the worldwide biomedical research community.



Cell Permeable Peptide

The Cupid Advantage:


Cupid peptides offer the specificity advantages of siRNA or dominant-negative constructs plus the quick action advantages of small molecule inhibitors.


• Cost effective saving your Time and Resources


• Long Chain products our specialty


• Cell-Permeability Tested

Cupid is a Class 3 Cell permeable peptide with the property of traversing lipid membrane bi-layers which are otherwise hard for large molecules to cross.


Our technology attaches Cupid, our proprietary cell permeable sequence, to cargo peptides consisting of 100+ amino acids. Our products have a far greater in complexity than those available by traditional machine synthesis at a fraction of the time and cost.


At Cupid Peptides we are committed to providing cell permeable peptide technology as a versatile tool to compliment the genetic, molecular, biochemical and immunochemical approaches at the cutting edge of research.

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